AIB to debut news comedy series on Hotstar and Star Network


Star Network is gearing up to launch a new news comedy series by comedy collective AIB, called ‘On Air with AIB’, in October. The 20-episode show will be released on Star’s OTT platform Hotstar first, followed by weekend airing on Star World and Star Plus. Ten of the episodes will be in English and the remaining 10 in Hindi

When asked to comment on the series, Uday Shankar, CEO, Star India, reluctantly said, “I am told that based on extensive, exhaustive research, AIB are considered mildly entertaining and we should give them a show on our network. I have complete faith that we will regret this in the months to come.”

Ajit Mohan, Head of Hotstar, added here, “We are sort of excited to bring AIB’s brand of mature humour to our platform. This may be the start of a new era of quality content in India, I am told. Janta hamein maaf karein (May the public forgive us)!”

Meanwhile, all four members of AIB had this to say, “We have no idea why anyone in their right minds would ask us to inflict our views on unsuspecting audiences. Also, we live in such a perfect country where everything is amazing and where the maddening, infuriating and often silly state of affairs is not a comedic goldmine, so why would you have us do news comedy? But we’re doing this because we want to see what it’s like to be on a show that requires us to put on pants.”

‘On Air with AIB’ will be a weekly series with English and Hindi episodes airing simultaneously on Hotstar on Thursdays and on Star World and Star Plus on Sundays. The series will cover themes of national and local interest.