The Prince of Persia Games from Worst to Best

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2003)


With this game Ubisoft brought the Prince of Persia series to new heights, and created what is no doubt the best Prince of Persia game to date. And everything about Sands of Time, from the great Middle Eastern setting to the beautiful art and graphics, and delightful musical score, just smacks of perfection. And even if the gameplay was a bit too easy, performing acrobatic moves like running along walls, jumping between pillars and avoiding devious and mean looking traps was an experience like no other.

Also the ability to use the dagger of time to rewind time and save the prince from a certain death was one of the game’s most novel features, and one of the cleverest gameplay ideas seen in a game to date. And the prince’s companion Farah was a great female supporting character who would help the prince solve the game’s environmental puzzles and also aid him in combat against those pesky sand creature enemies, in what was surely an unforgettable game and the high point of the Prince of Persia series.

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