Clean Feel Good TV shows in Netflix

First of all, I love when a movie has a series because I know what I am going to watch for quite some time.  Actually, I’ll be honest, I don’t watch a lot of TV.  Between keeping up a blog and a house and 4 kids – who has time for TV!!  Well actually – I make the time because I really enjoy a good show.  My general rule is, I can only watch a show if I am running on my treadmill, or killing time between kid drop offs and pick ups.  Knowing that I have a TV series going on that I am dying to see is a sure fire way to get me running!  And yes, I run for about 1 hour on my treadmill and it speeds by with a good show.  {Side note: not really sure why I can’t get my baby weight off.

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Second of all, I am pretty picky about what I watch.  I really don’t like shows that leave me feeling yuckafter I watch it.  I am very selective about filling my brain with clean, feel-good, and for the most part – family friendly shows.  Most of the shows I am about to recommend, I wouldn’t mind one bit if my kids watched with me.  However, some are just more mature in nature and I don’t think my young kids need to be exposed to it quite yet.  I’ll mention that in my reviews below.  But these 10 TV shows/series I feel are clean enough for me to enjoy and I feel good enough about recommending them.  Let me be a little more specific.  I don’t like violence or movies saturated with . . . ahem . . . the 3 letter word that has to do with the birds and the bees . . . if you know what I am saying.  Some of them may suggest such material, but do not have scenes that would make me blush or cringe if my kids walked in.  I also don’t like shows that are full of cussing.  Basically, I just like shows that leave me feeling uplifted, inspired and happy – and these 10 shows do that for me.  Most of them are online streaming with Netflix, or with your amazon prime streaming.  I am going to send you to the amazon links (affiliate links) of each show so you can read reviews and other information (or purchase if you don’t have Netflix).  Or you can simply log on to your Netflix account and search the title.

Third of all, I noticed I also enjoy shows that are based on history/ times past/ foreign and that are full of style, decor, and trends common to the time and place.  And, most of them are really good chic flicks – just to forewarn you.  Basically – I watch most of these without my husband – and he watches his action movies.